Indian Celebrities without Make-up


                  Susmitha sen

                      Prity Zinta

                     Amisha Patel

                           Kareena Kapoor

                    Rani Mukharjee

                      Kathrina Kaif



                    Aishwarya Rai

                           Juhi Chawla


                       Aish and Rani

         Aishwarya Rai

                     Amritha Arora

                    Manisha Koirala

                         Lara Datta

                          Priyanka Chopra


                Again Rani


             Susmitha and Urmila

~ by Chaitanya TH on June 26, 2008.

67 Responses to “Indian Celebrities without Make-up”

  1. Oh my god , they are not heroins , they are DEVILS. Thanks for your valuable information

  2. awesome buddy!!!

  3. If you put make up on the face of Priyanka ,

    Kajol and Lara dutta the COSMETIC will become

    poison…they are Radioactive decay matter

    do not see their movies

  4. Well the fact is that none of the actresses look as good offscreen as they do with a make over…seems like make up covers their flaws!!!….yes its d truth n thanx 4 revealing d truth buddy!!

  5. kajol, bipasaha and rani looks like my kam wali bai nokarani,and ashwariya rai god damn she fucking ugly, katrina kaif and kareena still better then them

    • every human is beauty aish also but beauty is not in the face but in your hearth and aish has a beautiful hearth

  6. the aish pic looks fake…i think she’s still wearing make up in it….

    • Same here, i dnt think, she is, lok at da pic u can see it!!!

    • aish is awesome with and without make up
      her job is being a actress her real live not !
      and beuty is not in the face but in your hearth !

  7. hmmm yes dear your right!…seems like ash is still wearing make up in her pics.But the fact is that she looks good even without make up because i’d seen her at the air-port..its just her eyes that bring out her beauty..with black lenses she’ll look just like a common indian gal.

  8. aishwariya n priyanka r d onli 2 wich luk okai wivowt makeup

  9. katrina,esha,priety r stil looking same…….but katrina looking more beautiful…..

  10. all indian celebrities are chutto prostitute if i will found anyone then i will fuck her from back side

  11. Awwww the actresses are normal humans after all!
    They are just like you and me so it isn’t very nice to judge them without make-up! And the beauty that is in our natural faces is the beauty God has given to us so we shouldn’t judge it! Everyone is beautiful but not everyone can see their beauty!

  12. I think some actresses here R tooo cute without make-up. But some R ummmmm………..

  13. first u got them without make-up now get them without clothes!!!

  14. omg they look awful katrina looks exactly the same

  15. i guess only katrina is looking kewl without make up whereas ashwariya OMG! lanat hai who have made her 9th beautiful lady og the world :S… but still i think sukhi is right i agree with her… we cant jugde anybuddy, everyone is beautiful it’s just the eye who can see the beauty and everyone dun have it :).. but yeah hahaha rani bhipasha kajol are looking kaam wali baiz hahahah sorry but :)…

  16. Kareena,Preity,priyanka,Katrina & Deepu r looking more gorgeous without make up. Kareena is sooooooooo Gorgeous , She is the bst. Preity is my heart. I can do any thing for her. Kat is awesome, Priyanka is perfect, Deepika is gorgeous. I Luv all of them so much.I am a huge fan of bebo, preity & Kat.
    Rani is very sweet in Both. Aishwarya, Like a old woman. I say her suariya becoz she is like suariya. Ihate Her so much. Kajol is well. I LLLUUUVVV BEBO, PREITY, KATRINA SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH…..

  17. Deeepikkaa u suckkk fuck u get lost from bollyyywood n play badmintion wid ur dada…n as of priyanka d way u aplied mas of ur as on ur lips do remove som from them n get tht stuck back to ur as…but u can b in bolywood dnt FO but deepika fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccckkkkkkkkk offfffffffff

  18. they all actoress look very horriable and ugly without make up i got sacred ov em…
    i wish i nva c dem widout makrup ba kareena still luk pretty widout make up aswell i ffink she’s da betta 1 nad katt is..:)

  19. katina still looks pritty with make up
    th others look sooooooooo ungly


  21. ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. these heroines are soooooooooooo not nice. and priyanka lokks like she jus woke up.she is horrible.hahahahahahahahahh.bye guys

  23. Kathrina Kaif And Aishwarya Rai Look PRETTY With And WITHOUT!!!! Make Up But All The Other Look Like DOYS SHIT THANX GOD FOR MAKE UP (I LOVE U GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. ewwww, Aishwarya rai looks soo ygly without make up, and they call her the most beautiful woman in the world. What a loser she is. Ugly bitch, go 2 hell

  25. eeewwww, how ugly are they without makeup. eewww they dusguted me

  26. eeewwww, how ugly is Aishwarya rai without makeup, and they call her the most beautiful woman in the world. These celebrities are sooo ugly and eeewww without makeup.

  27. all actresses look horrible….specially aishwarya…i hate her…if normal girls like us go behind the screen with makeup we would rock the industry….i worked in one industry people are very diff….its makeup that hides their flaws ..then its the setting of the light that makes them look more fairer and then the selection of the camera lens that makes them look gorgeous…any common girl would look gorgeous behind such a screen….

  28. i think that they are all very beautiful and i disagree with some ppl here u r saying something mean about these actress because they are with out a make up i think without make up or with a make up they are still the same to me and u would not like it if anybody insult your looks. so don’t insult other ppl looks that is not cool yo

  29. God they all luk devils yaar chudail lagti hai sab…..but only katrina n kareena luking little gut but kajol ufffffffffffffffffffff
    she is yukssssssssssss.

  30. I though Indian actresses r the most beautiful ladies as an ANGELS!!!!!!tnx 4 show the reality.Bt I like Rani Mukerjee very much.

  31. non ov u av gud taste i personally think rani mukarji luks da ugliest wiv out make up she luks lyk a fukin 200 yr old barking dog wiv shit all over it face pryianka chopra is a ryt good acteress n all i think she’s lyk dat now cuz ov da ammount ov makeup she wears
    aishwarya rai luks lyk a granny and ali person abi is uglier den aish wiv out make up he’s a ugly gay weirdo and onli got in2 bollywood cuz ov his dad…..and katrina luks awesome evn wivout makeup……KATRINA U ROK BBZ!!! LUFFUU MWAHH

  32. angel_princess you made a great point, rani is soo ugly BLECHHH! Katrina luks awesome wiv or wivout makeup- she rocks!!! aishwaria luks well like a granny all da rest of you dont know anything lol

  33. bipasha well i nevr realii lykd her anyway she;s ugly wen she’s got makeup on and ugly wiv out!!! non ov u av gt gud taste i personally think rani’s da most uglies she luks lyk a 200 yr old barking dog wiv shit all over face shes dead uglii mannn priyanks chopra gr8 acteress but wiv out makeup she dnt luk as gd tbh! aish luks lyk a daadimaa and ali person abhi is uglierr den aish wiv out make up dat fukin old bag onlii goy in2 bollywood cuz ov his racist dad kajol & juhi OMG dey av different syd 2 dem kareena is okaiii wiv out make-up….katrina luks gawjuss she lukks awesome wiv da makeup and wivout …..KATRINA U ROK BBZ …LUFFUU MWAHHH….btw preety_chick put dat angel_princess made a gd point cuz i ad put a comment b4 but got deletes sumhow :S

  34. this all girls who had written about heroins dat they are ugly bla bla. i think they are themselves ugly “jalti hai un logose ” thye are stars and they always remanin star ye ladikya sirf logo ke bare mein bur soch sakti hai nothing els.

  35. this all girls who had written about heroins dat they are ugly bla bla. i think they are themselves ugly “jalti hai un logose ” thye are stars and they always be star ye ladikya sirf logo ke bare mein bur soch sakti hai nothing els.

  36. Man, this is a fantastic blog you have! I am really impressed!

  37. iieeuww i always knewd that hindustani girls are ugly and its the make-up that would make them beautyfull warna to shaqal se bohot scary lakti hai haha
    normaly people are more prettier then the real starts menn
    and aish they says that she is most beautyfull woman of the world…
    beautyfull …my FOOT!!!
    she looks like a ugly monkey maybee more ugly then a monkey yaar!!
    and aish has always make-up on so i think she is uglyer then the photos here !!!

  38. u know what it’s not nice calling em ugly cus wants u get use to someones face with makeup cause there guna look different without makeup duh wat u fink makeup is for huh to make u look stunning and feel good. YOUR LOOKS AINT GUNA STAY FOREVA

  39. i think rani is looking the worst.kat n aish is perfect..rani is a bai..

  40. oh my god…. reality is sooooo cruel..!!

  41. Yeah, sure they have wrinkles and all, but really? I think they still look decent without makeup. Then again, I myself don’t wear makeup, but I still think that they look okay without makeup.

  42. Only Katrina and Esha look okay without make up but chopra is a former miss universe and she looks worser then my aunty!

    Never judge a book by it’s cover (make-up in this case)!

  43. hey Ash u look Awesome !!! xx

  44. U commentators are MAD! dare u lot to show YOUR pics and see who’s nicer

  45. cool eveyone is looking awsome without makeup heheh

  46. Everyone has his point of view. Truth is always bitter. According to me, they are just ordinary people like common people. They are doing their job to please people. It is just an illusion. Either they are beautiful or ugly, its your personal opinion. Films are made just for us to dream and DREAM NEVER COMES TRUE. So, just watch and contemplate the girls.

  47. wtf what is your problem go and chek your one face
    they are beauty’s

  48. i think katarina look so beautiful.rani,kajol,priyanka all are look like black bitch.i think nearly all b-town babes have fake beauty ,normal girls are much better than these bitches……

  49. dhool ke bheetar pol

  50. all of them are beautiful & i love them soooo much with or without make up


  52. okay im not a hater of ash but she is definitely wearing makeup either you guys are blind or just don’t want to admit it. she wears to much makeup and that’s that.
    some of them are a shame thought because it all makeup they shouldn’t come out without makeup and they know it. im all about natural beauty and some of them look good without makeup thankfully because that just means bollywood isn’t all fake.

  53. they dont seem 2 be looking without makeup

  54. After I start your Feed it appears to be to be a lot of nonsense, is the issue on my part?

  55. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.I wanna tell u dat my granny looks like Ash,naaaa more better than her.Nd Kat alws rocks and rest of them r ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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  57. OHH MY GOD!!!! Priyanka Copra looks like a piece of shit without makeup ..

  58. Aish is still in makeup!she neve come out without the ask of layers…as she noes she has patchy,dark and flawless skin wit broad smile and chin is out like khali lolz…omg!!for kat she is dark without makeup…i wonder kat n aish fans r really ugly and nincompoop wuh utters they r very pretty without makeup…ohh God are these called beauties ….i have seen too much bful faces than them …well kareena,amisha,priety r looking very bful..lara….ehhhhhggg…rani…..yuckkk but i like her….manisha bful…..others are looking okk…m a princesss i noe what calls a beauty coz i have lit beauty like cindrella n snow white…as i have natural pink n wite complexion very large n xpressive eyes…sharp facecut…cute cheeks lyk snow whie n silky smooth black hairs lyk snow n more imp think 100% natural fig 36 24 36 M NOT PLASTIC LYK ACTRESSES…FOR WHOM PPLSAYS…WOW THER VERY VERY PRETTY…FOR NUT FANS I WANNA SAY….FIRST OF OHL THEY R NOT PRETTY BT IF THEY R VERY PRETTY ITS NT A BIG THING THEY OHL DO XTREMELY CARE…WEAR VERY VERY HIGH QUALITY MAKEUP PLUS THEY TKE VERY VERY HEALTHY N NUTRECIOUS DIET. .N FOR THEIR PICS SME MIRACLE OF PHOTOSHOP…M MINE CRAZIEST FAN I HAVE EVERYTHING…..EVEN WITHOUT DOING NORMAL CARE

  59. […] Indian Celebrities without Make-up | Chaitanya6 – Jun 26, 2008 · 65 Responses to “Indian Celebrities without Make-up” Oh my god , they are not heroins , they are DEVILS. Thanks for your valuable information… […]

  60. Thanks for your help

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